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Portuguese IT and Software Localization

May 25, 2010

Software Localization in Portuguese

Some may not realize that Portuguese language translation is one of the most commonly requested translations in the U.S. The reason is that it's spoken by half of South America, and by over twice as many people who speak French Canadian. One of the most important ways to reach Portuguese markets with any business is not only with Portuguese information technology translation, but also by Portuguese IT localization. Localization and translation of information technology, including software, websites, applications, programming, and more – expands and opens that entire Portuguese market to any business willing to translate their individual content.

Recently a client in San Francisco (specific info must remain non-disclosed due to confidentiality agreements) needed English to Portuguese software localization for a large project directed the Brazilian Portuguese market. Expanding your software product, estore or ecommerce, or other such IT merchandise and programs increases traffic and overall revenue from sales up to 40%, repeatedly proven with market research statistics. For a free quote on any IT software localization, or for any Portuguese information technology translation, just upload your files to be localized or translated using the menu on the left. You'll get an estimate within seconds, along with the promise of the lowest rates for translation available with any professional translation company


IT Translation from San Francisco to Brazil

The difference between sending a San Francisco software engineering project to us to be localized for the Brazilian Portuguese market, and a regular software translation, is that localization encompasses more than just a straightforward translation from English to Portuguese. Taking software engineered in San Francisco, and using Portuguese IT localization to market the software in Brazil means everything from translating any new terms and glossaries, how the applications look and feel for the user, how it fits into Brazilian culture, SEO search terms, and much more. IT and software localization - especially large software projects - is often a much larger task than a regular translation, but they are also necessary in order to really market any IT product successfully within another culture.

We provide IT localization translators and IT specialists for software localizing in nearly any language. All of our Portuguese localization and information technology translators have years of experience translating IT language and products into appropriate packages suited for the Brazilian Portuguese culture. Other recent software localized translations have included Nepali software translation, Chinese website translation, localization and translation from English to Finnish of software and many other projects.

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