Polish to English Translation of Product Labels

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Polish to English Translation of Product Labels

July 09, 2011

By Ofer Tirosh

Polish Translation of Product Labels, Instructions and More

Product labels often have 3 or more translations for things like instructions, warnings, indications, and other such things. While its easy to glaze over these, they are convenient for Spanish and French speakers. Product label translation is also needed for manufacturers who distribute or export products to foreign retailers. Likewise, European manufacturers often need label translation for products sold in English speaking retail stores. Our translation company recently provided product labels with English to Polish translation for a shampoo and conditioner manufacturer, to be sold in Polish retail locations. The Polish translation of these labels involved general and technical translation skills, especially in regards to the list of ingredients that include long and obscure words and terms, and require scientific translation. This particular retail translation for product labels was a total of 660 words, and was completed in 2 days.

We've provided product label translation for an array of companies, manufacturers and distribution companies, covering everything from fashion and clothing labels to pharmaceuticals, and as in this particular case, toiletries and personal care items. To make an inquiry about your need for similar professional translation service, email us at info@tomedes.com with your original documents and specifications, and we'll reply directly. For a more immediate quote, simply use our instant quote menu on the left to upload your documents and choose your language pair. You'll receive an estimate within seconds, and without the required submission of any personal information, like most other translation companies impose.

In the recent past we have also provided clothing label translation for a boutique, upscale clothing retailer, as well as for many pharmaceutical companies, and even individuals. Labels have been translated by our translation company with French to English translation, English to Russian translation, Swedish to English translation, and many other languages. If you have a question about a less common language translation service, please email us with your inquiry at the email address listed above.

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