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Polish to English Translation of Business Proposal

April 26, 2010

Make Sure Your Translated Business Documents Make a Good Impression

All kinds of people start up or expand their businesses, and they aren't always in their native country when they do. Business owners of all languages and cultures branch out in other countries, because they believe that the return on investment in a foreign culture is a profitable thing to do. However, business documents, plans, proposals, building permits, and many other things must be submitted before a business can open. In this instance, a client needs a new business proposal to be translated from Polish to English, in order to submit it to the SBA (Small Business Administration). Because his first language is Polish, the business proposal has been written in Polish (further details must remain undisclosed, due to our strict confidentiality agreements with all clients).

For business owners who want to open their own business, or expand, having your business proposal, loan application, and building permit application translated from your native language into English is the best way to go about all of the paperwork involved. The only way to ensure professional, error-free copy is to have a professional Polish translator provide you with English copy, just as for the Polish-English translation of a business proposal. To get a free quote on any business document translation or any Polish to English document translation, simply send us your documents using the top menu. You'll be given an instant estimate, which will reveal how much lower our translation rates are compared to other professional services.

What Can Go Very Wrong Without Professional Polish Translation

When professional translation services are not used for Polish translated business documents, you can end up with awkward or strange wording like these items on the menu of a Polish hotel cafe:

  • salad a firm's own make
  • limpid red beet soup with cheesy dumplings in the form of a finger
  • roasted duck let loose
  • beef rashers beaten up in the country people's fashion

If you think this is a rare instance of mistranslation, there are hundreds more examples just like this – this is also a classic example of why automated Polish translation service – is not really a service at all. So don't risk embarrassing your marketing department or your business – contact Tomedes today through our live chat, or at info@tomedes.com - for your next Polish-English document or any business related translation.

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