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Phone App Translation Service

January 21, 2013

Mobile App Translation Services

For several years now we have been translating phone app descriptions, user directions and more for smartphone apps of all kinds.  It began mostly with iPhone app translations and localization, then branched out to Android apps.  Now phone app developers contact us every week to translate apps for Google Play, Apple's App Store, and much more.  What's really interesting is that phone app translation and localization is not just for English to Spanish translation or Japanese to English translation anymore.  We've recently translated mobile phone apps into languages like Swahili, Tagalog, Amharic and even Zulu.  While foreign language markets for mobile phone apps depend upon the product, and even the mobile browser type or phone brand, it is clear that mobile app translation and localization has long since been an international necessity for app developers.

One of our recent projects was a weather app, which is listed in the Google Play app store.  The Google Play app store is becoming the destination for more and more of our professional translation services for mobile apps.  This recent translation was directed at several foreign language markets that do not have a lot of weather apps in their languages, such as the languages mentioned above.  The text itself was a fairly brief text, of no more than 200 words.  However, there is much more that goes into mobile tech translation than simply translating a couple paragraphs.

Localization Services for Mobile Tech

Localization is a huge part of any kind of technology or IT translation.  Things like user interface, visuals, names, and many other aspects must be localized so that the app not only makes sense, but is also appropriate for the foreign language market it is intended for.  We have seen many times what can happen when a translation is not properly localized for its foreign audience.  It can result in anything from a major offense to a very public embarrassing situation for the company, developer or retailer.  This is why it is so important to have a professional translation company provide any kind of technical translation and localization services - one that has experience with such projects.  Be sure that if you want to distribute your mobile phone app in South Korea, that you have proper English to Korean translation and localization before doing so.

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