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Personal and Business Turkish Translation Services

May 21, 2011

Birth Certificate and CV Translation for Turkish Nationals

There are over 1,500,000 immigrant Turks living in English speaking countries. The largest immigrant Turkish community occupies Paterson, New Jersey. Staten Island, Long Island, and Brooklyn in NY, and Philadelphia, PA, also have large native Turk populations. Canada also holds sizable Turkish communities in Montreal and Toronto. These communities of Turks living abroad in English speaking countries all need Turkish to English translation for birth certificates, visas, green cards, naturalization processes, marriage licenses, divorce papers, and much more. Resume and CV translation from Turkish to English are also a common request from various clients, who have moved abroad seeking better opportunities for employment.

Birth certificate, death certificate and divorce certificate translation is necessary for different reasons than something like a resume or CV translation, but both are important to our clients who need a professional translation company to provide them with professional and accurate document translations. While many of them speak English, it is always a wise idea to have legal translations of immigration papers, or identification documents like birth certificates translated by a professional translation service, for obvious reasons. To request a CV translation and an estimate, as well as any birth certificate, death certificate, marriage license or any other personal document, simply email us your documents with the specifications to, and we'll get right back to you. If you want an instant quote, just use the menu on the left to choose your languages and attach your document or provide the word count, and you'll have an immediate estimate in seconds.

Business Translation from English to Turkish for Company Outsourcing

For the business side of Turkish translation, it's a necessity for the textile and clothing industries with factories and partners in Turkey to acquire translation of various documents, correspondence and other communication methods. Whether it's a safety manual translation, clothing label translation, a shipping order, financial business documents, or anything else, Turkish business translation is something any U.S. based company needs when they have Turkish outsourced workers and affiliates, just like Punjabi, Bengali, and Hindi to English translation is needed between outsourced service providers in India and their U.S. employers.

For those that need frequent or ongoing personal or business translation like the aforementioned examples, consider that Tomedes offers translation rates that are up to 75% less than any other leading translation company, word for word. That adds up, especially for businesses that want to keep a cap on their bottom line revenues, or cut expenses. We procure urgent Turkish to English translations fast and thoroughly, thanks to our top Turkish translators with industry specific training and experience. All of this enables our translation company to meet urgent demands on even the most technical translation.

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