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We have provided patent translation service to clients around the world who need their patent application translated to one of the 10 languages WIPO publishes.

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Professional Patent Translation Service

December 09, 2010

Patent Translation in High Demand

Because of the diversity of languages of patent applications that are received worldwide, both the supply and demand for patent translation is on the rise. This has been noted by many linguistic scholars and WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization). There are several reasons that patent translation service is so important, and increasing in demand, which is why we have been providing so many professional patent translations recently – not just Finnish to English translation, but with many other language pairs.

One of the first reasons for the growth, supply and demand of patent translations is that patent applications are published by WIPO in 10 languages only – Japanese, Arabic, English, German, Spanish, French, Chinese, Russian and recently added, Korean and Portuguese. Obviously, this leaves out a great many languages that are not included in worldwide published release. While patent application offices can accept patents in any language, they are published internationally by WIPO, only in the above 10. To receive an instant quote for our professional patent translation service into any of these 10 languages, please submit your documents using the menu on the left to get a quote instantly. Or, simply email us at for more personal attention and a non-automated quote. Either way you go, you'll find we offer much lower rates for patent translation than almost any other professional translation company.

Research Translation & Professional Language Translation for Patents Worldwide

The second reason that patent translation is on the rise, is that it reflects the creative and industrial advancement of a country's economy, in some respects. This incites many countries to submit patent applications from areas and locations who want to increase their WIPO status, or even their overall international reputation as a creatively innovative country. Patent application translation, patent publishing translation, and filed patent translation may also be of interest to those who are researching patents in order to find out if they can indeed file one for an invention, or if something similar has already been patented elsewhere. Patent research and research translation service also accompanies patent translation service, which we also provide to our many clients worldwide.

Recently we have been asked for Spanish translation of a patent, as well as Italian to English translation and Swedish to English translation as well. Spanish to English translation of a patent was also requested by one of our clients in New York, who needed specific parts of a patent translated for research and patent application purposes.

Professional patent translation service will continue to be more and more in demand as time goes on, which is why we are pleased to be a professional translation service that provides these services to so many international clients who seek to promote creative innovation.

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