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Ongoing French to English translation service

March 03, 2010

We provide ongoing translation services to several companies - some require a daily translation, others require real time translation and others a weekly translation into 10 different languages.

This project involves translations of blog posts and marketing documents for a French company. Our unique service enables them to get real time French to English translations of their blog posts. Within minutes of the submission of a new French post in the company's blog we submit the French one.

With a team of hundreds of skilled French translators we can provide a high quality translation in any given time.

The same company has also chosen Tomedes as their marketing transaltions provider. A dedicated translator works with them on the localization of their French marketing and marcom documents into English for the US market. Overall, we provide this company a one stop shop for all their translation and localization needs.

If you are interested in French translation services or other languages of over 100 we offer, feel free to contact us by live chat, email or phone

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