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Tomedes delivers precise, high-quality video translations for companies expanding internationally. Our global network of translators, experienced in over 150 languages including French, Polish, Russian, and Romanian, ensures culturally relevant and accurate translations. Recently, we translated videos for a multimedia agency, aiding their client's expansion into European markets such as France, Poland, Russia, and Romania.

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Multilingual Video Translations for European Expansion

May 17, 2024

Our Client

Company Name: W.C. Agency (Pseudonym)

What does the company do?

Our client is a prominent marketing and communications agency located in the UK. They offer multimedia solutions for businesses seeking to expand into the global market.

Deadline set by the client: 7 days

What do they need?

Our client needs video translation across various languages like French, Polish, Russian, and Romanian for several short videos promoting their customer's business. They require that the content captures their client's message and makes it relatable to their target European markets. 

The Challenges

While translating video translation from English to French, Polish, Russian, and Romanian, we encountered a couple of challenges: first, our client needed rapid turnaround times for the transcriptions and translations, necessitating efficient project management and swift execution. Second, we need to ensure that translations are culturally appropriate and retain the original message and tone requires a deep understanding of each target language and culture. Third, we had to deliver translations in both Word and SRT formats required precise synchronization of text with video timestamps, demanding meticulous attention to detail.

We overcome these issues by implementing these two key solutions: firstly, we leveraged our extensive network of native translators, and we provide video translations from English to French, Polish, Russian, Romanian, and over 150 other languages. Secondly, we enforce a stringent quality control protocol for all our translation projects to ensure the accuracy and high quality of the translated content. 

Why Tomedes?

Over 95,000 business clients and organizations trust Tomedes for video translations targeting the European market, including languages such as English to French, Polish, Russian, and Romanian. With more than twenty years of expertise in video translation, we have become a trusted partner for companies seeking to expand their global reach. Our deep understanding of local nuances ensures that every translation resonates with target audiences, enabling businesses to effectively engage with new markets.

Tomedes' team of native translators ensures that translations are not only accurate but also culturally relevant and engaging. Our project management team excels at handling complex requirements and tight schedules, ensuring we meet all deadlines. Adhering to ISO-certified standards, we conduct rigorous quality checks on every translation, guaranteeing top-notch accuracy and consistency.

The Solution

First, we conducted a detailed consultation to fully understand our client's needs, followed by a comprehensive proposal outlining the project scope, pricing, and timeline.

Next, we created English transcriptions and then translated them into 4 target languages. Each translation was carefully reviewed to ensure it maintained the intended message and tone.

Finally, the translated content was delivered in both Word and SRT formats, ensuring compatibility with our client's media platforms. We promptly incorporated feedback and delivered the final translations within the agreed timeframe.

The Result

After transcribing multiple short videos into English and translating them into four different European languages, we completed the task before the given deadline. Our client was pleased that we met the timeframe. Upon evaluating the translations, they expressed gratitude and satisfaction with the fast delivery and high quality of the translated video content.

In our latest correspondence, the client informed us that they had already sent the translated videos to their customer. The customer was impressed by the quality of the final product.


Tomedes' successful collaboration with its client underscores its commitment to providing high-quality, multilingual translation services that meet tight deadlines and complex requirements. Our expert translators, robust quality assurance processes, and dedicated customer support ensure our clients can effectively engage with global audiences.

For businesses seeking to expand their international reach, Tomedes is the trusted partner for all your video translation needs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business thrive globally.

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