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Military Document Translation

January 15, 2013

 Perfect French Translation?

When there is a translation project to be completed for any government military, the accuracy of the translation must be perfect.  As a matter of fact, concerning a recent military training manual translation from English to French, one of our account managers told the French translators, "Quality is of the highest importance; it must be perfect."

This is easier said than done with a technical training manual - or more specifically, military training instructions. This particular military document translation was a training manual that concerned emergency medical treatment for wounded soldiers by other soldiers. You can see why a perfect translation was absolutely crucial.

Asking any translator to provide a perfect translation may be argued by some to be impossible. There are those with the perspective that there is no such thing as a perfect translation, due to at least small details or linguistic elements that simply have no direct or literal equivalent, in this case, from English to French translation. It is not so much the perfectionism of every single word that is important, however, so much as it is that the exact meaning or piece of information is not altered. If the instruction manual says to hold pressure on a wound for 2 minutes before moving onto securing an open airway, then it is crucial for a professional French translation to reiterate just exactly that.

Translation of Military Documents

The military training manual itself was a very large translation for one translator, over 23,000 words total. Our French translation team had it completed within two days (in our opinion, that is an impressive turn-around for a large military medical training manual needing a perfect translation). Because the quality of the translation was even more important than the turn-around, it was proofread twice by two additional French translators with experience in medical instruction manual translation and/or military document translations.

This is one of several translation projects we have received from military services of one of several countries, including a few translation projects from various U.S. bases. We realize and understand that national military services do not partner with just any professional translation company, which is why we work at full capacity to provide the absolute best language services we can.


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