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We provided Hebrew medical translation for a client who needed Hebrew to English translation of medical instructions. We also provide medical translation for prescriptions, medical facilities, hospitals, and more.

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Medical Instructions Translation from Hebrew to English

May 25, 2010

Medical translation is needed for any kind of situation when an individual is in a foreign country or place where the language is different from that of his medical documentation. This can include prescription translation, medical history or medical records translation, and so forth. In this instance, a client requested Hebrew to English translation of his medical instructions (specific client info is prohibited due to strict non-disclosure agreements) so he could understand the contents of the medical documents. To get a free quote on any medical document translation, or for any Hebrew document translation, simply upload or copy the contents using the menu on the left, or input the total word count. You'll receive an immediate estimate of our medical translation rates, which you'll find are the lowest rates for translation service found anywhere.

Fast Medical Translation When You're Abroad

Hebrew to English medical translation can arise when a tourist needs medical attention and is given medical instructions in Hebrew. Likewise, English to Hebrew translation of medical documents can occur for anyone touring or having a temporary visa in the U.S., who needs a prescription or medical documentation translated from English to Hebrew so they fully understand. Medical instructions are something that should be understood exactly, so even if a language is read or understood to some extent by the client, a full translation is advised. We can rush your medical translation if it is an urgent matter, but our all of our medical translations are always delivered quickly.

Medical instruction translations are also requested by hospitals and doctor's offices themselves, if they receive a lot of foreign patients, as is the case in many New York medical facilities, as well as Philadelphia, Miami, and other urban areas. These cities often need Spanish medical translation for medical records, prescriptions, and medical instructions, whether English to Spanish translation or Spanish to English. For any medical facility in New York, Miami or elsewhere needing regular medical translation for a variety of documents, we offer lower translation costs than any other professional translation company.

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