Medical Device Localization: Extending Treatments Worldwide

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Medical Device Localization: Extending Treatments Worldwide

November 03, 2023

Medical technology refers to the devices, equipment, and systems used to improve patient care and enhance the diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment of diseases. Examples include MRI machines, pacemakers, surgical instruments, and blood glucose monitors. According to Statista, “revenue in the medical technology market in the United States is projected to reach US$197.00bn in 2023.”

Our Client

Our client is a global leader in healthcare technology, revolutionizing non-invasive treatment options through utilizing acoustics to precisely target and ablate diseased tissue – negating the need for incisions. This significant advancement reduces infection risks and enables same-day patient discharge, a very pivotal shift in patient care.

Cultivating a community-driven work environment built on commitment, diversity, integrity, and innovation, the company ensures a collaborative and tight-knit culture among its global team members. Spread across various international locales, they integrate their core values in every operation aspect, from patient care to team building. Their relentless pursuit of excellence has solidified their reputation as a beacon of innovation and a catalyst for positive change in healthcare, continually working to improve patient lives.

The Challenge

Linguistic challenges always come hand-in-hand with global scaling operations. Cross-cultural communication, documentation, and product localization are among the first considerations that need to be addressed. Through consistent and accurate translations, clarity is maintained within a globalized team, and safety standards are kept intact. Additionally, high-quality translations allow a company to preserve its brand identity and core values.

What are some bases that are needed to be covered?

  • (Internal) Guides and Manuals: Translation of all internal documents (i.e., training manuals, procedural guides, etc.)  guarantees that employees and partners across different regions have a unified understanding of the brand’s products and services. Ultimately, it is a means that everything is properly utilized by all constituents and stakeholders.

  • (B2C) Marketing and Labeling: Translating consumer-facing materials (i.e., ad campaigns, product labels, etc.) not only ensures clear messaging but also resonates culturally, bolstering brand familiarity and reinforcing brand trust in diverse markets.

  • (B2B) Presentations and Publications: Translated presentations and publications uphold the company's professional image. Through accurate translations, businesses are guaranteed that collaborations and partnerships across borders are based on mutual understanding and trust – further enriching their reach and opportunities.

Why Tomedes?

Professional translation services address these linguistic challenges through precise context-appropriate translations. At Tomedes, our extensive network of native industry experts is utilized in every project. We make sure that projects are assigned to the perfect translator. By doing so, we bridge the gap between diverse audiences, fostering accurate understanding and seamless collaboration for global clients.

What specifically do we bring to the table?

  • Multiple Industry-Specific Expertise: We cover a broad range of sectors, ensuring that your content is handled by specialists familiar with industry jargon and nuances. From medical, to technical, to legal, our experts ensure the tone and terminologies are spot-on.

  • Support for Multiple Languages: Our expansive network allows us to offer translations in over 150 languages, ensuring that wherever your business takes you, we have the linguistic support you need to communicate effectively.

  • Quality Assurance: Our dedicated QA team rigorously reviews each translation. Leveraging state-of-the-art tools and human oversight, we guarantee accuracy, consistency, and a translation that feels natural to its intended audience.

The Result

The partnership detailed above ensures that people in need of medical treatment globally receive accurate information and services, regardless of language barriers. By addressing linguistic challenges through high-quality translations, the partnership enhances cross-cultural communication, ensuring that medical information, product details, and services are understood uniformly across different regions. This clarity and consistency in communication uphold safety standards, contribute to the effective utilization of medical services, and foster trust in medical brands worldwide – ultimately improving access to and the quality of medical treatment globally.


We always take pride in projects that allow us to better the quality of life of global stakeholders. As a translation service provider, we ensure clear communication fostering timely and effective treatments, and bolstering the reputation of our business clients.

Are you in need of translation support for your medical products? Feel free to contact us anytime to get started as soon as possible.


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