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Tomedes provides Dutch to English brochure translation and vice versa for a range of official and personal needs such as promoting to multilingual audiences and participating in international trade shows or exhibitions. Our expert translators have the language and industry experience required to deliver accurate and reliable Dutch brochure translations. Please find below examples of the projects we have worked on over the years.

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English to Dutch Brochure Translation to Reach Your Audience in the Netherlands

January 13, 2016

This page was last updated on January 12, 2023.

Reaching out to the right audience is essential if a company is to achieve its true potential. And in a world that seems ever smaller as a result of modern technology, that audience is definitely no longer just a domestic one. Overseas sales form the backbone of many businesses, but how do you sell your products overseas if you only speak one language? Through Tomedes, of course!

We undertook the translation of a marketing brochure from English to Dutch to help out a client in just this situation. He felt that his product line was perfect for customers in the Netherlands, but didn’t speak a word of Dutch. Rather than using clumsy machine translation (it’s nowhere near the standard that professional human translators can achieve) he turned to the professionals for assistance. 

Accurate Translations by Our Proficient Dutch Amsterdam-based Brochure Translator

The client had obtained an instant quote through the Tomedes website, so already knew what great value our English to Dutch brochure translation service offered. Our friendly team got to work straight away, with our Amsterdam-based English to Dutch brochure translator taking on the task. With his marketing background, he was perfectly positioned to undertake the work. 

Tomedes always seeks to pair translators’ experience to their workload in this way – it makes for more accurate translations that incorporate expert local knowledge. 

This particular client wanted his Dutch brochure translation in a hurry and we were pleased to be able to comply with his timescale. We agree timescales with each client at the start of a job, so that everyone is clear from the start on what they can expect and when. It means our clients always know where they stand. 

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