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Korean Translation of Childrens Book

May 21, 2013


The team of Korean translators at Tomedes is skilled in doing Korean translations for just about any type of project.  Most recently, our Korean translators tackled the job of translating a children’s book into English. 

Our client is an author of children’s books in Korean and she wanted to expand her market by making some of her books available in English.  The book was fairly short, only 12 pages with a few lines of text on each page. 

A team of 3 translators worked on this translation and were able to get it back to our client within 3 days. Our client was happy and said she will be using us for future book translations. 

Book Translations

Every now and then we get request s for book translations, usually short stories or short books. The Tomedes translators are capable of translating or proofreading books and manuscripts in almost any language. 


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