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Korean is one of the most common Asian languages the translators received a request for, Business translation are among the most common

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Korean to English Translation of Business Advertisement

June 30, 2013

Korean is one of the most common Asian languages the translators at Tomedes receive requests for. Business translation requests are among the most common Korean translation requests we receive.

The last Korean translation project we worked on was for the English to Korean translation of a website banner advertisement. Our client's website appeals to a large Korean audience and he wanted to make sure his banner ads were in a familiar language for his target audience. One of our Korean best Korean translators was able to complete the project in under one business day, which made our client very pleased.

Korean Translations 

Professional Korean translation projects require the work of experts who are familiar with the ins and outs of the Korean langauge. For business documents, it's especially important to hire an expert who is familiar in that niche.

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