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Individual requests for translation service often include birth certificate translation, college transcripts and essays, marriage certificate translation, and other travel or identification documents.

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Korean to English Translation of College Application

May 13, 2011

Korean to English Translation of a College Essay

One of the common translation requests we receive from single individuals revolves around semi-legal or institutional matters, such as birth certificate translation or college transcript translation. This time in particular we received a request for Korean to English translation of a college essay as part of an application. Essay translation is often a measure of professionalism, because most college students entering an English speaking institution know English. As a matter of fact, this particular student was entering a college for translation. However, by having the essay translated by a professional translation company, she was guaranteed to have a solid English essay that conveyed her thoughts clearly, and without the worry of any common spelling errors or grammatical mistakes.

In addition to this recent Korean to English translation of a college essay, we also have provided many birth certificate translations. Some of the most recent ones include Turkish to English translation, Nepali to English, and Bulgarian to English translation of a marriage certificate. These documents are often necessary for travel and entry into foreign countries for any number of reasons, as well as to verify an individual's identity and marriage. For anyone who is planning on a long term trip to the U.S. or the UK, birth certificate translation is a must. To request such a translation from us, simply attach your document or certificate and email us at info@tomedes.com . Or, if you want an immediate estimate, use our instant quote menu on the left to select your language pair, and input the word count or upload the document. You'll have your instant quote in seconds.

Why You Need Professional Translation for Even Small Documents

You might be thinking, “College application documents or birth certificate translation by a professional translation company? Isn't that expensive? Can't I just use the mobile app translation on my phone or something?” While automated translations are okay for getting the jyst of a foreign language, they are far from reliable or accurate. Try taking a good-sized block of Korean writing and using it for Korean to English translation – 9 times out of 10, the translated text doesn't even make sense. Its not a smart idea to depend upon anything other than professional translation service for any kind of important or professional document translation.

Secondly, consider the fact that most of the birth certificate translations and marriage certificate translations we provide are under $20. Even birth certificates that need professional certificate translation into or from a less common language aren't expensive. Now, we can't make that same promise for other professional translation companies, many of whom do charge an arm and a leg for the smallest translation. As long as its us providing the service, proper certificate translation of an important piece of your identity - when traveling or moving across the world – is definitely worth the 15 or 20 bucks.

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