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A business firm in the UK needed translators to provide long-term Japanese to English translation for business correspondence and business documents.

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Japanese to English Translation for Business Correspondence

May 28, 2011

Business Translation Service for International Corresponding

A UK business firm contacted us recently for information on translators that could work remotely for them. The firm (whose actual name has to be kept hush-hush for reasons of confidential agreement) was looking for translators who could provide on-demand Japanese to English translation for business correspondence, as well as translators who could provide Spanish translation for the same business documents and communication. The translators would do all of this remotely, but be readily available for certain hours previously agreed upon, so that when an email, business letter, fax, business contract, financial document or anything else needs Spanish or Japanese translation service, the translators can quickly translate the text and forward it back to the business firm.

This kind of business translation is submitted for request to our translation company on a regular basis. Because business correspondence is something that often needs quick or immediate professional translation service, translators are often hired on a long-term basis for these kinds of companies. There are other businesses who simply need the occasional document, contract, business plan or letter to be translated, which we also provide promptly. To request professional business translation services with our translation company, simply email us at info@tomedes.com and one of our linguistic project managers will get right back to you. If you want an instant quote to get an immediate figure on translation rates, then use our convenient menu on the left to choose your languages and upload your text. Either way our affordable professional translation services make things easier on our business clients, especially for regular or frequent translations.

Translated Audio Transcription Services for Business

Often in addition to regular document translation, business clients need audio transcription translation service. For example, translators receive a Spanish audio clip to both translate and transcribe into written format. After the audio clip is transcribed with Spanish translation, our proofreaders then review the transcription to ensure accuracy of each word, after which we turn it back over to the client.

Japanese to English translation, and English to Japanese translation service has always been commonly requested for business correspondence, especially within the IT and technology industries. The demand for Japanese translation continues to grow, along with the demand for professional Chinese translation service. Our international and worldwide network of translators allows us as a professional translation company to provide language services for every major language as well as plenty of less common ones. For any questions regarding a specific language or translation service, email us at the above address or connect to our live chat.

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