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The skilled Japanese translator set to work, making sure to accurately localize key concepts matching the fashion industry

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A Japanese translation for a fashion website

April 26, 2015

We’re really pleased when old clients get back in touch with us, and just the other day we had the opportunity to work with one of our previous clients again. This client owns a fashion website in Japan, and was greatly impressed by how our professional translators handled his previous document.

On this occasion, the client wanted a Japanese translation of some extensive copy for his website. The client also stipulated that he wanted the same translator to work on this project, if possible.

Natalie (one of our project managers) soon responded to the client’s enquiry, confirming that the same translator was available and attaching a competitively priced quotation for the new project. The client was pleased that the same expert translator would be able to make this Japanese translation too, and he continued to be impressed by our extraordinary value for money.

The skilled Japanese translator set to work, making sure to accurately localize key concepts: this sort of detail requires a human touch, and simply isn’t possible with machine-based translation. 

Thanks to the translator’s experience in the fashion sector, the translation was returned to the client before the mutually-agreed deadline. The client was very grateful for this, and expressed his thanks to both Natalie and the Japanese translator who worked on the website copy. 

As we parted ways, our valued client mentioned that he would be more than happy to recommend his business associates to make use of our translation company too.

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