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We provided English to Japanese translation for a recent client, who needed professional business translation of an online directory listing for his audience.

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Expand Online Business with English to Japanese Translation

April 14, 2011

Business Translation Strategies Give You the Edge

If you own a business website, let's assume you've taken strides like online ad marketing, promotions, blogging, joined the social media marketing club, and submitted your site to a zillion business directories. Sure, you've done these things . . . just like every other business service or website out there. Which means, it may not be enough. Its time to consider strategy. For example, professional website translation and localized marketing is something in common all Fortune 500 businesses have. These are big tasks, so for starters, consider business listing translation from English to Japanese, Spanish, French, etc etc.

Japan, for example, has hundreds of online business directories – all in Japanese (obviously). English to Japanese translation of a featured listing or advert in a Japanese business directory, can reach millions more to add to your audience. Many business owners do not realize just how much a business website translation and other professional business translation services can increase potential for online visibility and expansion – not to mention unlimited profit potential.

Professional Japanese Translation Creates Huge Business Potential

We recently provided one of our clients with professional Japanese translation of his business directory advertisement. With such a business marketing translation, he could then submit it to countless Japanese business directories, service listings, and other relevant sites, to increase his business potential. If you think this kind of strategy is as smart as many of our clients do, simply email our leading translation company at info@tomedes.com. Include your original documents, the language pair requested, any urgency, time issues, or other important details, and we'll get back to you in a flash. Or if you want an instant quote, upload your document or input your word count and choose the language pair, and wa-la! Instant, super-low translation quote.

Of course, English to Japanese translation for business documents and websites is just an example. We can translate any major language, and even a few not-so-major languages, upon inquiry. And like we can translate over 50 languages, we can also handle even the most technical translation requirements, for industries like engineering, IT, software translation, and much more.

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