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Japanese product description translation

May 16, 2015

By Ofer Tirosh

One of our regular clients represents a leading brand in the health and beauty sector. The company our client works for sells different health products around the world using various media channels. On this occasion, the client told us about her company’s plans to launch some of their products in Japan. To this end, the client wanted to have Japanese translations of their product descriptions ready for their international launch.

Kenette (one of Tomedes’ account managers) responded to the client promptly and provided her with a quotation for the product description translation. The client appreciated the exceptional value of Kenette’s quotation, and gave her permission to begin the Japanese translation.

Kenette chose a professional Japanese translator, who had both native speaking ability and a background in writing sales copy. This experience allowed our expert translator to convey the same tone as the source text and to accurately localize certain phrases for a Japanese audience. When making a machine-based translation, this sort of expertise simply isn’t possible to emulate and can often result in an unprofessional translation. The human touch of our translators really shows in the work they produce, and we’ve found that this particular client appreciates the expertise that a human translator brings to a translation.

The completed product description translation was returned to the client before the agreed deadline, which pleased her greatly as it meant that she had more time to prepare her company’s new website before its official launch.


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