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Tomedes provides fast and accurate Japanese business card translations for international companies seeking to network and expand their brand in the Japanese market. Our team of native Japanese translators are linguistic and marketing experts, ensuring that each marketing content accurately conveys your message. In this project, we demonstrate our expertise in high-quality and quick marketing translations for international businesses.

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Quick and Accurate Japanese Business Card Translation

April 01, 2024

The translation of business cards is more than a mere linguistic exercise. It's a bridge to cultural understanding, especially in markets like Japan. Japanese business card translation is not just about converting text but a way to show respect for local customs and etiquette.

In this project, we demonstrated our specialized expertise in Japanese business card translation for our client who's looking to export their agricultural products in the Japanese market. 

Our Client

Our client is a small-medium enterprise that specializes in producing and exporting agricultural products to the international market. This will be their first time expanding into the Asian market, particularly to Japan.

After looking through different providers of marketing translation services for the Japanese market, they came across our website and were impressed by our 98% customer satisfaction rate. They immediately sought our services and inquired if we offered translations for Japanese business cards. This led to our client deciding to work with us.

The Project

The project centered on translating business cards from English to Japanese, extending beyond mere word-for-word translation. Recognizing the profound significance of business card exchanges in Japanese culture, our client specifically mentioned that the translated Japanese business cards must culturally resonate with their potential clients and business partners. At the same time, the Japanese business card translations have to accurately convey their company's brand and ensure that the contents are linguistically accurate.

We were given a day to complete this task. Despite being short content, each business card had to be a bit different from the others as some of them presented the names and contact details of their company's Chief Executives and managers.

How Japanese Business Card Translation is Vital in Networking and Establishing Trust

In Japanese professional culture, the exchange of business cards (名刺, meishi) is not just a formality. It is a critical communication ritual. A business card in Japan is a reflection of one's identity and status. Thus, precise translation and cultural adaptation of these cards are essential to making a positive and respectful first impression. It's not merely about language. It's about engaging with a rich tradition of business etiquette.

Translating business cards for the Japanese market presents a unique set of complexities. It's about more than just the accurate translation of names and positions. It's about adapting titles to reflect status and hierarchy appropriately, including essential contact information in a culturally relevant manner, and ensuring the card's layout aligns with Japanese standards.

The significance of presentation and the ritualistic nature of card exchanges in Japan underscore the necessity for precision and cultural sensitivity in every aspect of the translation and design process.

The Challenges

Like with any project, we faced some issues along the way. We have written below the three main challenges we encountered.

Professional Titles and Terminology: Ensuring the translation accurately reflects the individual's professional standing and expertise, acknowledging the importance of hierarchy in Japanese business culture. Our team of native Japanese translators have the cultural and linguistic knowledge of Japan's business sector ensuring that the translated text accurately conveys the company's brand and the personal details of the individual stated in the text.

Design Adaptation: Aligning the card's design with Japanese standards, which often include specific preferences for color, size, and information placement, ensures the card resonates with Japanese professionals. Our team specializes in Japanese marketing and has experience translating Japanese business cards and adapting its design and layout to suit the Japanese market.

Integrity and Professionalism: Maintaining the card's original professionalism while adapting it to fit a different cultural context, ensuring the translation is not just accurate but also appropriate and respectful. Our team of Japanese translators used advanced tools to ensure that the translations of the branding and content remain consistent. 

Why Tomedes?

Tomedes is trusted by 95,000+ companies worldwide when it comes to translation services for business and marketing purposes. Our global network of native translators allows us to provide translations in English, Japanese, and other languages. Below are some of the other reasons why our clients trust our services:

Japanese Language and Business Etiquette Expertise: Our team possesses a deep knowledge of Japanese language intricacies and business customs, ensuring every translation respects and reflects local practices.

Detail-Oriented Translation and Design: We meticulously translate and design business cards, considering every detail from language to layout, to ensure they meet Japan's high standards.

Cross-Cultural Communication Facilitation: Our commitment lies in bridging communication gaps, enabling our clients to forge effective and respectful business relationships in Japan.

The Result

The translation project was accomplished within 24 hours. It culminated in the creation of business cards that were not only linguistically accurate but also culturally attuned to Japanese business practices.

Our client was pleased with the outcome. Based on our last email correspondence, they informed us that the Japanese business cards have played a pivotal role in facilitating smoother introductions and meetings, paving the way for our client's associates to establish stronger professional connections in Japan. 


The translation and cultural adaptation of business cards are crucial in the context of Japanese professional networking. It's a testament to the importance of understanding and respecting cultural nuances in global business interactions.

If you're looking to expand into Japan and planning to translate your business cards, partner with Tomedes and be one of the 95,000+ companies receiving quality translation services. Get in touch with us, and our customer success team will respond right away.

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