Italian to English Translation of Online Reviews

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Italian to English Translation of Online Reviews

July 31, 2011

By Ofer Tirosh

Does Your Current Website Translation Really Do the Job?

Website translation for just about every kind of web content is provided regularly by our translation agency to our clients. Because of the huge audience that website content is available to, anyone who expects to boost traffic or sales, or to communicate effectively to a foreign language audience, would be wise to use only professional translation services. A lot of people rely on translation APIs to make content available to foreign language audiences – but if you've ever used translation APIs to translate foreign language web content to English, you know the kind of convoluted nonsense that results. The same applies when it is translation from English to Chinese, French, Turkish, Finnish or any other language. Many of those who have an API function on their website are fooled into believing that it's doing the job of a translator – in reality, more often than not, the translated content is impossible to understand.

To receive affordable, professional website translation – or any other type - simply email us your original texts and/or documents to for a detailed quote and information. If you would like an immediate quote, just use the drop-down menu on the left to select your languages and upload your documents. You'll receive an estimate in seconds, without being required to provide any of your personal information.

Italian to English Translation of Online Reviews

Website content can be any number of things in addition to website pages and copy write. Anything from blogs and landing pages, ecommerce product descriptions, social media content, message boards and many other types of text can be included in a translation or localization. We recently provided Italian to English translation for an enormous list of Amazon reviews, including movie reviews, product reviews, service reviews, and much more. The entire document was 12,500 words, and in spreadsheet format, so it was no small task for our translators. It was not an urgent translation, but even still, our translators and proofreaders had it completed in a couple days – not bad for a translation with a lenient turnaround. The reviews were first posted on Amazon-affiliated Italian websites regarding Italian customer orders, for which Italian translation was also needed for English speaking users. While this was a general translation – meaning it had no technical terms, it still required knowledge of current-day informal, slang and assigned Italian vocabulary. This is one of the many reasons to use a professional translation company for any translation.

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