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Tomedes translates resumes and CVs from Italian to English (and vice versa) for various official needs such as overseas employment and freelancing. Our native translators have the language and industry experience required to deliver accurate translations of Italian resumes and CVs. Please find below examples of the projects we have worked on over the years.

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Translate a Resume of CV from Italian to English for International Job Application

January 13, 2014

page updated on January 3, 2023


Resume translation is a skill that requires more than just linguistic ability. Any translator needs to understand not only the skills and qualifications of a client, but must also have an insight on what traits are most appealing for the target locale, culturally speaking.. Without that knowledge,  professionals with high technical proficiency might fail to properly present themselves to prospective international employers even if they’re perfect for the job that they are applying for.


Native Expert Italian Resume Translators For Any Industry or Field

This is one of the reasons that Tomedes has worked hard to build up a network of professional translators who have corresponded with various businesses and industries. As for the case of the Italian resume translation we took on recently, the client needed our help for they are moving from Milan to Aberdeen. As such, we selected a translator with a recruitment background in said area, knowing full well that he would have the knowledge that would allow him to tailor the translated version accordingly.


Quick and Cost-effective Translation of Your Italian CV or Resume

We completed the translation, proofreading and quality checking of the resume within 48 hours of receiving the document.. The client was ecstatic to have received the translated version quickly given the price that we’ve provided during the initial quote. He was able to submit the translated version of his CV to various Scotland-based companies right away - just in time for his migration in a few months’ time. w Should you need a Resume or CV translation from English to Italian, get your free quote by giving us a chat.

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