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Italian to English Diary Translation

March 18, 2014

By Ofer Tirosh

Personal translation requests, such as the Italian to English diary translation that Tomedes undertook last week, are needed for a variety of reasons. In this case, our Italian client was looking to work with an English cousin in order to write a biography of his father. The project required the translation of his father’s extensive diaries from Italian to English so that the pair could work together to write the biography.

The client approached Tomedes through the helpful multi-lingual chat service on our website. As he spoke no English, the chat service was perfect as it enabled a two-way conversation between the Italian-speaking client and our English-speaking member of staff.

This was a large translation job as the client’s father had been a prolific diary-keeper, but the client was impressed with our competitive quote. He engaged us to undertake the job and we assigned one of our extensive network of professional human translators (we never use computer translation – it’s just not good enough) to get to work.

Within two weeks, the client had a flawless translation of his father’s diaries and was able to get to work on his biographical project. He was extremely happy and has promised to send us a copy of the final book – for translation into English, of course! 

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