Italian to English Educational Translation

A new client asked Tomedes to translate her university thesis from Italian to English.

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Italian to English Educational Translation

July 11, 2018

One of the advantages of globalisation is our ability to share information across international borders far more easily. This has huge advantages in a number of disciplines, from medicine to science to the arts. Professional translation services play an important role in facilitating this. 

A recent example of this in action occurred when a new client asked Tomedes to translate her university thesis from Italian to English. On a clear path to a bright future as an academic, her goal was to study further in England, so she needed to present her work there. Her spoken English was good but still a work in progress. As such, she opted to use professional Italian translation services in order to present her thesis in perfect English. 

Tomedes has a network of Italian translators available to assist with projects such as this. We quickly assigned our leading educational translator to work on the client’s thesis. He used our new Summarizer Tool to grab a clean version of the copy, minus the charts and explanatory images, which he planned to tackle at the end. This meant that he was able to get to work straight away on the thesis itself. 

Working diligently on the document, the translator was able to return the English version to the client in just under a week. She was thrilled with the accurate English translation. For the charts and images, she had asked for the text only to be translated so that she could reproduce them in English herself. This was no problem for Tomedes – we are happy to translate and typeset such elements or simply to provide the translated words, as in this case. 

With budgetary concerns often being important to those studying and working in the education sector, the client was delighted with the translation cost for this job as well as with the translation itself – another very happy Tomedes customer. 

If you have a translation need, no matter what subject matter or language pairing it may be, speak to the Tomedes team today.

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