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iPhone and iPad App Translation

May 23, 2010

iPhone and iPad App Translation Reaches a Larger Market

As more and more iPhone and iPad apps are released for users to try out, many iPhone applications are also released in languages other than English. Often they are not even available in English, and yet they are highly rated, and seem to have great reviews, or in other ways look exactly like the kind of app you've been looking for. How frustrating is it look up a new iPhone app that looks great, only to find out its all in Chinese? Or Finnish? Or even Italian? There is a solution: iPad and iPhone application translation. While many applications are made for the iPod, iTouch and the iPhone, there are going to be some newly released - and very exciting - iPad applications made solely for the iPad alone. Any iPad application translation is important for those who want access to an application, but first need to understand it; whether they need Chinese to English translation, or translation from English to Chinese (or any other language).

The problem is, most professional translation companies are going to charge you an arm and a leg for a service like this, because they accommodate hi-end clientele, large businesses and corporate buyers. Tomedes is a professional translation agency with these same professional clients, but we also make our services affordable for things like iPad application translation, or for even simpler iPod app translations. To get a free quote on any iPhone app translation, iPod or iPad application translation, simply upload your text or document using the menu on the left, or just input the total word count you need translated, and you'll receive an estimate in seconds. You only need to compare our rates with a few other professional translation services to see that we have by far, the best translation rates, and the lowest translation costs available.

iPhone Application Translation and Software Localization

A recent application translation involved a client who needed Chinese iPad application translation, and we also provided iPod application translation from Korean to English. However, we offer iPod app localization, iPhone manual translation, and other related software translation or software document translation you need, in any language.

We also offer software application translation and software localization to developers. This allows them to release their application or software in multiple languages, thereby increasing their marketability. You won't find any other professional translation company that can provide technical software translation, software localization, or application translation for iPhone and iPad, all for the low translation rates that we offer.

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