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English to Korean Translation for Investment Company Documents

November 26, 2012

 Financial Business Document Translation

Technical financial documents come in all shapes, sizes, and dozens of different types that require all kinds of specialized financial translation skills.  Aside from that, there are the combined financial document translations that marry business and finance or legal and finance, or even medical and finance, so that it requires not only a technical financial translator, but one that has both financial translation skills and industry specific background.

financial translationA recent translation we provided to an investment company was just this type of combined specialized document.  The investment company submitted a lengthy business document which required not only specialized business translation, but technical English to Korean translation of financial content as well, obviously, given that they are an investment company.


English to Korean Translation of Technical Financial Documents

This particular investment company is a globally recognized business, and therefore a carefully rendered translation was imperative, as well as meticulous proofreading.  Because reputable businesses trust us to deliver professional translation, their reputation among foreign language clients and customers is on the line, which we take very seriously.  For this financial translation, we assigned two translators with specialized financial business translation skills to complete the initial translation.  Two more translators then carefully proofread the Korean translation, in order to ensure its accuracy.  The total document was about 2,000 words in English, and somewhat less in its professional Korean translation, due to the fact that Korean requires less words than English.

Korean translation

The translation was divided in many sections, including business overview, risk management, systematic investing and investment processes - this was broken down further into technical content like data infrastructure, price prediction models and trade generation algorithms.  This investment company is led by directors of whom half have PhDs, so you can imagine that the content was extremely technical.  This is why clients like this one who have global leadership in financial investment continue to rely on us for professional translation services, technical translation support and foreign language market communication and expansion.


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