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Recently, an English-speaking client asked Tomedes to assist her with a purchase from the Indonesian version of eBay.

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Indonesian to English eBay translation

January 10, 2016

Buying goods overseas can be an uncertain experience, but it’s also one that is essential to many people. If your passion is for anything from vinyl to cars, there are times when the product that you need just has to come from abroad. When this means buying in another language, the experience can be tricky. 

But that’s precisely why Tomedes is here to help. Our professional human translators regularly translate information on retail websites in order to help individuals and businesses around the world make the purchases they desire. 

Most recently, a client asked Tomedes to assist her with a purchase from Indonesia. She had exhausted buying options in her home country (the UK) but had managed to find the item that she was looking for on the Indonesian version of eBay, However, online translation tools were not proving up to the task of efficiently and accurately translating the product listing. 

Tomedes provided an instant quote to assist, which the client was pleased to accept, thanks to our great value rate. We then turned to one of our Indonesian to English translators based in London, who was available to take on the job immediately. He quickly provided a word-perfect translation of the Indonesian product listing, so that the client could review it in her native English. 

As it happens, the translation revealed that the product was reconditioned and not new – and it was a new item that the client was looking for. Thus the translation prevented her from ordering an item she didn’t want and making a costly mistake. Her search goes on – and she will be using Tomedes again the next time she finds the product she is looking for overseas. 

Translation by Tomedes can assist with a wide range of everyday matters like this, for both individual clients and for corporate clients. Contact us today for a quote and to discuss your translation needs. 

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