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When dealing with any kind of immigration translation or any other government-related document translation, it is essential to ensure complete accuracy with a professional translation service, in order to avoid system rejection.

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Immigration and Government Document Translation

June 07, 2010

Immigration Document Translation and Other Government-Related Translations

Immigration services and translation requirements and services vary from country to country according to immigration procedures and regulations. For North American immigration, things like translation of immigration documents, visa translation, birth certificate translation, green card translation and other government document translations are often necessary either for individual linguistic understanding, or for government requirements. Visa translation, as well as birth certificate translations, cannot be performed by the individual requesting the visa, whether temporary or permanent.

Professional translation services like Tomedes are the best solution for any kind of immigration document translation. To get a free quote for any immigration document translation or any other type of government document translation, simply use the left user menu to upload and send your files, or input the total document(s) word count. You'll receive an immediate estimate of our extraordinarily low translation prices. By comparison to other top translation companies, we have the lowest translation rates available.

Legal Translation for Boston, D.C., New York and Worldwide

We've recently provided immigration translation service for a legal service in Boston dealing with French speaking immigrants (specific details about clients are strictly prohibited from disclosure, due to terms of service and confidentiality agreements). Because Boston is a major city, they are in frequent need of legal translation service, whether French legal translation, Spanish translation, Chinese translation, or any other language. Other areas requiring frequent immigration translation service include Washington D.C. and New York; for visa translation, birth certificate translation, and many others.

Other government document translation services we have recently provided include Inuktitut translation service for a department of Canadian government, as well as NGO document translation for a private agency. In addition we've provided Moldovan visa translation, and Vietnamese translation for school registration documents at a local school district level. We provide translation services at a global level everyday, whether for immigration translation service or other government documents at national, state or small local government levels. It is always strongly recommended to have a professional legal translation company provide your translations. Because we maintain the lowest translation rates available, we make the process even easier for any business, agency or individual.

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