Legal Translation for Serving Chinese Defendants: Our Client’s Success Story with Tomedes

Tomedes offers Chinese legal translation solutions for businesses, organizations, and individuals. We recently completed a project translating legal documents from English to Chinese for a law firm. This project underscores our commitment to delivering precise and accurate translations, ensuring that complex legal content is effectively communicated to Chinese defendants, Chinese plaintiffs, and legal professionals.

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Legal Translation for Serving Chinese Defendants – A Tomedes Case Study

July 10, 2024

Our client

Company name: N. A. Legal Firms (Pseudonym)

What does the company do?

A law firm specializing in international litigation

Deadline set by the client: 2-3 days

What do they need?

Translation of legal documents from English to Simplified Chinese for N. A. Legal Firm's client to serve a Chinese defendant. They needed accurate translations of several legal documents, including summons, complaints, and civil cover sheets, to serve Chinese defendants involved in their cases.

The challenges

For this particular project, we encountered several challenges, which we will discuss in depth:

First, the stringent privacy laws in China posed a significant challenge, making it difficult to obtain accurate residential addresses for the defendants. These laws prohibit the public disclosure of personal information, complicating the process of serving legal documents.

Second, the complex terminology in legal documents requires precise translation to maintain their meaning and intent. Any inaccuracies could lead to misunderstandings and potentially impact the legal process.

Third, the strict deadlines inherent in legal proceedings meant that ensuring the timely completion and delivery of translations was crucial to avoid delays in serving the defendants and advancing the case.

We overcame these challenges due to several key factors. First, continuous dialogue with N. A. Legal Firm helped refine our approach and adapt strategies to acquire the required information lawfully and efficiently. Second, using translators with legal expertise and creating a comprehensive glossary to ensure accurate and consistent translations. Third, implementing a robust project management system to prioritize urgent tasks, coordinate team efforts, and ensure timely delivery.

Why Tomedes?

With over two decades of experience in the language and translation industry, Tomedes offers  Chinese legal translation solutions for international businesses and private clients needing accurate, immediate, and reliable translations for any legal documents. Our team is composed of specialized legal translators with extensive experience in handling complex legal documents. Their expertise ensures that the translations are accurate and adhere to the required legal standards.

In addition to offering legal translations in English and Chinese, our translation services encompass over 150 other languages. This extensive range ensures that we can meet the diverse linguistic needs of our clients, providing accurate and reliable translations across a wide array of industries and languages.

We implement a rigorous quality assurance process, which includes comprehensive proofreading and meticulous quality checks, to ensure that all translations are error-free and maintain the integrity of the original documents. Additionally, we ensure precision and accuracy in our translations through effective communication and collaboration with the client.

The solution

Firstly, Tomedes initiated the project by engaging in clear and prompt communication with our client to fully understand their specific needs and the intricacies of the legal documents requiring translation. This is crucial in establishing a detailed understanding of the project requirements and setting the stage for accurate translations.

Secondly, the project was assigned to our team of experienced legal translators who are well-versed in the nuances of legal terminology and the complexities involved in translating such documents. Their expertise ensured that the legal terminology was precisely translated, maintaining the original meaning and intent of the documents.

Lastly, to guarantee the highest quality, the translated documents underwent thorough proofreading and rigorous quality checks. This multi-layered review process ensured that the translations were error-free and accurately conveyed the original content. 

The result

Within two days, we completed the project. After our client reviewed the translated Chinese legal documents, they were able to proceed with serving the Chinese defendants.

Our client expressed high satisfaction with the quality of the translations, highlighting the precision and accuracy of the legal terminology. Our accurate and timely translations facilitated the legal process, enabling them to advance their cases effectively. They conveyed their eagerness to collaborate with us on future projects.


Tomedes provided exceptional legal translation solutions for N. A. Legal Firm ensuring that the translations were accurate, timely, and met all legal standards. This project highlights our expertise in handling complex legal documents and its commitment to quality and client satisfaction.

For any business or organization in need of Chinese legal translations, Tomedes offers unmatched expertise and precision. Contact us today to learn how our services can help you achieve your legal and business objectives.

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