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Services for company brochure translation from Hebrew to English for a marketing company, as well as an advertising agency in Los Angeles needing English to Spanish translation.

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Hebrew to English translation of company brochure

October 21, 2010


Brochures are an important part of business marketing in both print and electronic forms. Most businesses are not taken seriously unless there is something printed that a potential customer, client, or other important business prospect can hold in their hand, or take home with them. Company brochure translation is especially important for foreign language markets, when they are located overseas or halfway across the world.

Hebrew to English translation of company brochure for a regular client of ours who runs a marketing company. Our business savvy clients already know that sending brochures in the language of your foreign market enables them to be thinking about your company or business, even when you cannot be there in person or in media advertisements. When they come to need your services or products, it is likely they'll remember your brochure, and reach for it to call you first before other competitors. For these reasons business translation of company brochures can be extremely beneficial to any company.

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