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We provided Hebrew to English translation of a business letter for a technology company to its employees regarding a change in management.

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Hebrew Translation of a Business Letter

May 06, 2011

The Best at Hebrew Translation Services

We've done a lot of Hebrew translations recently – and we like to think that's because we are the best at it. While Hebrew translation may be offered at other translation agencies, Google clearly shows that we are the leading translation company for Hebrew translation service. Hebrew to English translation, as well as English to Hebrew, comes in documents of all sizes, forms, industries and specifications. One very recent Hebrew to English translation was for a business letter from a technology company VP to company employees, regarding a change in management (though we can't say which tech company – they are part of our secret club).

Business letters are commonly distributed to employees and customers of various languages, and need general business translation in order to accommodate their audiences. Even if a company is purely U.S. based, Spanish translation is necessary in many regions. To receive an estimate of a business translation, simply send us your document and the specifications to, and we'll reply straight away. For a more immediate quote, use the menu on the left to upload your document or word count, choose your language pair, and wa-la! You'll get an instant quote in seconds, right on the spot – no emailing, or name and information form to fill out like most of those other guys, who use your inquiry to send you junk mail. We believe that anyone who wants a quote from our translation company should get one, without being required to submit personal information and email address.

Effective Business-to-Audience Communication with Professional Translation Service

For communities and regions that have heavy usage of more than one language, any business letter sent out to mass numbers should always use professional translation service for the other language(s) spoken in that area. Not only will the business communicate to its audience much more effectively, but it also helps to build a better public relations with the surrounding community, both inside and outside the business walls. In the same token, any marketing and advertising aimed at multi-lingual or non-native language audiences should also undergo advertising translation and localization, to ensure it is appropriate and accessible to them. We are here to help with all of these translation services and more, whether you need only English to Spanish translation, or several language translations.

We understand the importance of business-to-public communication with a multi-lingual audience, and that it should be delivered accurately and clearly. It's never a good idea to make a target audience have to work at or go out of their way just to understand a business letter, advertisement, brochure, or any other document intended for them. This is why we provide double proofreading, project management and meticulous quality assurance for all professional translation services we provide.

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