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Hebrew to English Medical Tourism Translation

March 31, 2014

By Ofer Tirosh

Medical tourism can require extensive document translation, such as the Hebrew to English medical tourism translation undertaken by Tomedes recently.

Clients who travel to other countries to receive medical treatments want to be sure that they understand the paperwork fully before they commit to the time and expense of making the journey, so Tomedes is often asked to translate paperwork containing detailed medical references, including everything from descriptions of the services to be provided to the legal paperwork signed by the patient before receiving treatment.

A new client recently asked Tomedes to translate a detailed medical tourism package for him from Hebrew to English, as he was considering travelling to Israel to undergo a procedure but could not read Hebrew. We were happy to oblige and set our Netanya-based translator to work immediately. She had worked for many years as a doctor’s receptionist before becoming a professional translator, so was familiar with the complex medical terminology that the client’s paperwork contained.

Medical tourism is an area for which computerised translation simply will not suffice, which is why Tomedes always uses human translators in the provision of its 24/7 translation service. For this client, we provided a flawless translation within just one week of the job being assigned to us – and all at an extremely competitive cost. The client went on to have his treatment in Israel and is now happily recovering back home. 

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