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International tourism is a huge market and no country can afford to ignore the need to reach out to tourists in their own language

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Hebrew to Chinese hotel manual translation

September 20, 2015

International tourism is a huge market and no country can afford to ignore the wealth that tourism can generate. Yet reaching out to tourists who don’t speak your language can be a tricky business. 

One of our recent clients took the smart approach and came to Tomedes to ask our professional translators to convert their hotel manual from the original Hebrew into Chinese. This would ensure that Chinese visitors to their establishment were able to understand everything from what time breakfast was served to the location of the nearest fire exit. 

Tomedes has a team of professional translators based around the world, so that we are always ready to match the perfect translator with every job. As well as using native speakers, we ensure that our translators have a broad base of career experience. This means that whatever sector our clients may work in, our translators have the specialist knowledge to work on their documents. 

This particular client planned to work on the translated manual using desktop publishing software, so it was essential that they understood which part of the Chinese text matched the original Hebrew document. Tomedes was happy to help with this. We provided a translated document that was organised paragraph by paragraph, so that for every Hebrew paragraph, the Chinese text was underneath. 

By taking this thoughtful approach, we were able to provide an accurate and rapid translation in a format that perfectly suited the client’s needs. Tomedes is often asked to undertake specific requests like this and we work with each client to ensure that our service takes into account their individual requirements. 

Whatever your own translation requirements may be, feel free to get in touch and discuss your needs. We will be happy to provide you with a personalized service that delivers the documents you need on time and for a great price.

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