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Health care reform results remain to be seen, but health care translation service will continue to be in high demand for medical professionals around the world who turn to us for professional medical translation.

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Health Care Translation Service

June 07, 2010

Health Care Translation Still in High Demand, Despite Health Care Reform Controversies

Health care and health care reform has been a major issue for a few years now; a source of controversy and national political attention. While beliefs and views about health care reform -or the lack thereof - may vary from person to person, health care translation is still essential on a global level. What becomes of health care reform remains to be seen. Despite all the debate and controversy, health care translators continue to be essential from medical facility to medical facility worldwide. Medical translation of insurance documents, medical transcription, medical journals, medical reports from trials, studies, pharmaceutical companies, and many other entities of health care and health care document translation, are more important now more than ever.

Recently a client from a medical facility in Houston, TX, requested service for medical health care transcription translation from Canadian French to English. (specific details about clients are strictly prohibited from disclosure due to non-disclosure agreements and confidential terms of service). Though this specific health care translation request came from medical professionals in Houston, this is not the only metro area to need medical transcription translation service. We have provided professional medical translation service for every major city in the country, and many smaller ones as well.

Technical Medical Translation and More

For anyone needing translation service in Houston or elsewhere, or for any medical and health care translation service, simply use the menu on the left to upload and send us your documents to get an immediate free quote. After using the top menu to send your files or input your total word count, you'll receive an instant estimate. You'll find we stand apart from all other professional translation companies because of our reasonable, low translation rates, which are up to 75% less than other leading medical translation service.


While translation of medical transcription is a commonly requested medical translation service, we have also recently provided Spanish medical translation; Finnish to English medical software translation; health care journal translation for medical news and research articles, and Korean translation of clinical research documents. These are just a handful of recent medical translations we have provided to our many clients around the world, with a valuable resource of over 5,000 translators worldwide, providing technical health care translation in every language.


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