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Among such groups as seminary schools, religion majors and other theological studies, Greek translation of Biblical texts and references are very common.

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Greek to English translation of Biblical Text

November 05, 2012

Greek to English Translation of Biblical Text

It is almost as common to receive requests for professional Greek translation of Biblical texts as it is for us to receive Latin translation requests for various liturgy.  While Latin liturgy is still used in Orthodox churches and Roman Catholic churches, Greek to English translation of Biblical texts are utilized by anyone from seminary groups and schools to religious scholars to theology professors or  church ministers and clergy, to even literary professors and scholars.  Because Greek was one of the earliest languages of the Bible, and some texts were originally written in Greek, it is a frequent request for translation services.

We recently provided Greek translation of Biblical text for a client who was comparing Greek and English language texts.  One of the reasons for this is due to words and phrases that do not have a literal equivalent in one language to the next.  One of the most well known examples of this in a Greek translation regarding Biblical texts is the Greek word "agappe" for which there is no direct English equivalent.  The closest expression in English for "agappe" is "unconditional love," but it is emphasized by clergymen, ministers, etc - that agappe is much more than this.  These differences, though they may be small and do not affect the overall messages and meanings of Biblical text, are still cause for up-close and in-depth study of Biblical texts.

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