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Literary Translation from English to Greek and Latin

January 27, 2013

English to Latin and English to Greek Translation

This particular recent translation was so different, and the subject matter unique, that it was difficult coming up with an appropriate title and name for the project and the URL.  While it is called an "epitaph," by the client, not a lot of people are in need of "epitaph" translation services.  However, while the text which needed English to Greek translation, as well as English to Latin, was indeed an epitaph, it was also an excerpt from an old literary text, therefore making it a literary translation. 

It was interesting to at first explore what to make of this, when I was skimming the projects. The epitaph seemed not to be directed at a person, but rather a concept.  This makes for very interesting - and challenging - translation. It is also a great example of how professional translation services - and translators - must keep the voice of the author, as well as meaning, tone, pace, humorous content, and many other literary elements within a professional Greek translation.

For example, an excerpt from the document reads "Humor now leaves behind a single despairing bastard child that goes by the name Umour" - after being introduced to "Humour," a character who has just passed away, leaving behind relatives of Laughter, Comedy, Farce, and so on.  This metaphorical epitaph is certainly one of the most creative literary translations we have received recently.  If nothing else, it is a great illustration of the kinds of document translations that come through here and present challenges to our fabulous translators, whether for a Latin or Greek translation or another typical business translation from German to English.

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