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While we are known for things like Spanish, French, German document translation (and other languages), we also provide video and audio subtitling and transcription.

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German to English Audio Transcription of Tutorial Video

May 26, 2010

More than a Professional Document Translation Service

While document translations are our specialty, we do not limit ourselves to only written work. We have completed recent audio and subtitling translation projects such as Spanish subtitling translation, Russian audio translation, and audio transcription from Romanian to English. These are important translations as more and more businesses are using multi-media communication and technology to reach their clients, target markets, and business contacts. Visual and audio communication are just as important, if not more important, than written Spanish document translation or German translation, as was the language requested for this particular project.

To receive a quote for an audio translation, translated audio transcription, or any German document translation, send your files in written format using the top menu to get an instant estimate. If the files are more complex and involve audio and visual material, simply email us with your inquiry or connect to our free live chat, available 24/7. Regardless of the way you receive your quote, you are guaranteed the absolute lowest translation rates of any other professional translation service.

Spanish Video Subtitling and German Audio Translation

This German to English translation of video included four hours of audio transcription to be delivered in many small audio files. This may sound complicated, but it is actually a simple process of providing a recorded audio German to English translation from a German video. It is the same as a German document translation, except that the source documents were instead a German language video, which was then also translated and delivered in audio format.

German video and French video subtitling are services we also provide – however, there is more information needed from each client for this service. For any video subtitle translation service, please email us at with your inquiry and translation request.

Video subtitling requests for translation from English to Spanish often come to us through southern cities like Houston, Dallas, Phoenix, and other places. Many times these videos are tutorials or educational and instructional videos from educational or non-profit organizations within these cities - which also need low translation rates. Though many professional translation services may provide German or Spanish subtitling service, we provide it for much less than any other top translation company.

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