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The client produced some work for one of her students that she wanted translating into German; the document contained complex grammatical exercises.

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A German teaching translation for a distance-learning school

June 15, 2015

One of our valued clients got back in touch with us the other day. This client is the CEO of a popular, distance-learning school based in Birmingham, UK. The tuition school focuses on helping teach English to students from a wide variety of different backgrounds, and because the tuition school operates entirely online, then students can enrol from anywhere in the world and start receiving materials.

We often receive translation assignments from this client, who produces various exercises in English and then asks Tomedes to translate them into the student’s native language. The client then reviews the translation personally before sending it to her student. On this occasion, the client had produced some work for one of her students that she wanted translating into German. It was imperative that the translator had an excellent grasp of grammar, as the document would instruct the student to perform grammatical exercises in English.

The translator assigned to the task was a perfect fit for this job: living in Munich, Germany, our translator also provided a professional editorial service in addition to working as a translator, making him ideally suited for this translation. The document itself was 1,200 words in length, and contained 12 language exercises for the student to tackle. Because of the relatively short length of the text, our professional translator was able to return the completed translation later that same day, which really pleased the client and facilitated the smooth-running of her tuition company.

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