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A recent Tomedes client used our German translation services to translate his company newsletter from German to English.

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German to English Weekly Company Newsletter Translation

July 01, 2018

Running a business with staff teams in multiple countries presents its own unique set of challenges. It’s not a job for those who don’t like to multi-task! However, it can also be very rewarding – including in financial terms – and there’s plenty of support available to those who are willing to give it a try, including support with professional translation services.

A recent Tomedes client availed himself of that support in the form of German translation services. His aim was to use a weekly company newsletter to bring his two staff teams (one based in Germany and the other in the US) closer together. His plan was to write the newsletter in his native German each week, then use professional translation to deliver it to both teams in their own language at the same time. 

Tomedes was happy to provide a regular German translator to undertake the work, in order to provide the client with consistent, accurate translation to facilitate his business objective of uniting his staff team. We agreed fixed timescales with the client, so that he could issue the newsletter on the same day each week. 

By using one of our network of qualified human translators (never machine translation!), we ensured that the client had a reliable, professional translator at his disposal each week. He was thus able to prepare the content he wanted included in each newsletter, safe in the knowledge that he could send an appropriately translated and localized version to the entire staff team. 

This is just one way in which Tomedes is supporting business clients around the world with their translation and localization needs. If your company could benefit from using professional translation services, why not get in touch to see how Tomedes could help? Our friendly staff team and 24/7 translation service are here to help! 

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