German to English medical translation

A recent Tomedes client asked us to undertake a German to English medical translation to a tight timescale.

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German to English medical centre translation

March 27, 2019

In recent years, Germany has established itself as the epicentre of Europe’s private cancer treatment industry. Patients travel there from as far afield as Australia, the US and the Middle East. In the UK, more than £20 million per year is now being raised through crowdfunding in order to pay for cancer treatments overseas – including many in Germany. 

For German companies treating patients from around the world, accurate medical translation is absolutely crucial. In the case of a recent Tomedes client, we were asked to undertake a German to English medical translation to a tight timescale. 

Tomedes is well prepared for taking on translations in specialist subjects at short notice. We have a network of professional translators that extends around the world, including many German and English language experts. For each job, we match the content of the document in question to the translator’s expertise, ensuring that the translator brings appropriate specialist knowledge to the task every time. We also make a point of using native speakers of the target language, to ensure as accurate a translation as possible. 

For this client’s assignment, our leading medical translator stepped up to take on the job. She worked carefully yet efficiently through the document, translating it from the original German into flawless English. 

The client was delighted with both the speed of the work and the quality of the translation. The skill of our translation team has shone once more. The client was also pleased with the value for money that our great translation price represented. A happy customer all round! 

If you have a document that needs translating by skilled and knowledgeable language professionals, it’s time to talk to Tomedes. Whatever subject your document relates to and whichever language pairing you need, we are confident that we can help. Contact us to find out more. 

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