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French Translation of Business Presentation

May 31, 2011

Professional Translation Service for Business Presentations

International sales departments within a business often involves a company presentation to a foreign language audience at some point, in order to inform, and hopefully, impress the prospective client. Presentations made by a different culture and language, and given to another, becomes a bit tricky when the business needs French to English translation, for example, of the presentation. Sometimes there is a correspondent that will deliver the presentation, but the presentation must first acquire professional business translation. This is one of many situations that warrant professional translation service for our business clients. We recently had a similar situation with a client needing French to English translation for a sales presentation that included some slightly technical financial terminology.

To obtain a business or sales presentation translation, or any other type of business or financial professional translation service, simply email us at, and one of our linguistic project managers will reply back directly. Be sure to include your original documents and any important specificationsn. If you want something more immediate in order to get a quick estimate, then just use the convenient menu on the left to obtain your instant quote, by pasting or attaching your documents (or word count).

Technical, Financial, and General Business Translation Services

This particular recent sales presentation translation from French to English, covering various financial aspects of business and other specific client company information (the actual names of clients cannot be released due to our confidentiality terms of service). While you may be surprised that technical financial translation would be something included in the overall requirements of a business presentation translation, this is a common part of translating any kind of business document, including presentations or company briefings. When it is a business to business presentation, financial aspects are often covered as a sales tactic, point of reference, and other reasons. This is why our translators have well-rounded knowledge, and the ability to translate all types of industry specific documents, including the financial translation skills that may be included in a French translation of a sales presentation. Proofreaders are also important to a business translation like this, to ensure translation accuracy and localized terminology.

Our translation company has had some impressive results for presentation translations in the recent past. Not too long ago we provided an urgent Italian translation of a sales presentation in under 3 hours for a businessman on his plane to Italy. Other presentations have included medical and scientific research documents that needed Dutch to English translation - which were no easy task in relation to vocabulary and scientific terminology. It goes to show that our translation company doesn't skimp on accuracy or quality of translations in exchange for urgency or quality.

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