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Tomedes provides French literary translation services for pieces such as screenplays, novels, and poems. Our expert translators have the language and industry experience required to deliver accurate and reliable French literary translations. Please find below examples of the projects we have worked on over the years.

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Translating A French Literary Novel To English

April 30, 2010

Last updated on January 3, 2023

Literary translation sounds like an easy, straightforward project, but often it can be the opposite. Literary translation requires in-depth knowledge of transferring metaphors, subtext, double meanings, poetic techniques, and much more.

A client needing translation of a short novel was looking for French literary translators to give him their best rates for a more artistic, poetic translation project. He wanted to send the French-English translated novel to several agencies in New York, Chicago, and several other publishing companies in North America. After leafing and surfing through many professional translation websites and checking several rates and costs, Tomedes had the best French book translation rates not only for this short literary translation, but for every other industry-specific translation as well. This is good news for individuals who are looking to have independent or hobby projects translated from one language to another. Often translation from French to English for business or marketing reasons leads to profit for the client. However, when the client simply needs a translation for personal reasons, low translation rates are even more important.

Fast Quoting Process 

To get a free quote on any French-English novel translation or French to English literary translation, simply use the top menu to send us the file, or input the approximate number of words. You'll receive an estimate of the translation costs within seconds. Many prospective clients are amazed when they see the dramatic difference in our translation rates - often up to 75% less than other major professional translation companies.

Expert French Literary Translators With Experience To Deliver Accurate Translations

This literary novel that our translators undertook was approximately 15,000 words in length – which is more like a long short story or the size of an ebook. The client wanted translators with French to English literary translation experience. Literary translation may seem as though just about any native translator could qualify - but this is not always the case. Literary translation often involves metaphors, poetic linguistics and other non-traditional written formats that require knowledge of literary technique and translation. Fortunately for the client, we had a wide selection of French translators with literary experience. As usual for such translation projects, we assign one translator for the actual literary novel translation from French to English, an additional translator for proofreading, and an expert French literature translation supervisor to oversee the project.

We Know How To Handle Creative Content

Many other companies focus on technical translations when describing their services, without mentioning that they have translators set aside for softer, more artistic translations. Literary French translation requires knowledge and experience just like website translation or medical document translation does. There is language usage, technique, and other content that requires understanding and experience translation non-straightforward meanings or perhaps double meanings and subtext with any given sentence. Tomedes realizes this as a leading translation provider, and offers our experience to any client needing literary French translation.

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