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A recent Tomedes client required an urgent French to Spanish medical translation while on holiday overseas.

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Professional French Translation

January 21, 2018

People can require medical translation services for a wide range of reasons. In some of those situations, time is of the essence. This was the case with a recent Tomedes client, who found she needed urgent medical treatment while overseas.  

The client asked to use our fast translation service in order to obtain her translated medical documents as quickly as possible. Being able to access our priority translation service meant that she had the peace of mind of knowing that her translated documents would be with her extremely fast. 

Tomedes has vast experience in providing both French translation services and Spanish translation services. Indeed, we maintain a network of more than 5,000 professional translators spread around the globe, so that we can cover a wide range of language pairings, including servicing requests at short notice. 

Our innovative business model means that we can do so at a very reasonable translation price, with many of our clients appreciating the value for money that Tomedes delivers. 

For this client, our translation company got to work straight away. The urgency of her situation meant that the translation needed to be not only accurate but also delivered in record time. This posed no problem for our expert French to Spanish medical translator. His experience and efficient approach meant that he was able to work thoroughly yet extremely fast, which was precisely what the client needed. 

Thanks to Tomedes, the client received her medical translation in even less time than she had dared to hope. Having access to information in her own language, and being able to share that information with her doctors, made the entire progress of her treatment smoother, as well as providing her with peace of mind. Another very satisfied Tomedes client! 

Whatever your translation need and timescale, contact Tomedes today to find out how we can help.

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