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Thanks to the translator's native speaking ability and background in sales copywriting, she was able to accurately and efficiently localize the client�'s sales text.

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A French sales copy translation for an online store

May 14, 2015

One of our regular clients got in touch with us again recently. This client runs an online store selling various clothing accessories and other fashionable products. The client wanted to start shipping some of their products to France, and to coincide with this new business initiative, the client wished to translate her products’ sales copy into French so her customers could read it in their own language.

The client got in touch with Nadia (one of our project managers here at Tomedes) and asked how long the sales copy translation might take — she was eager to get her translated product pages online and available for customers to read!

Nadia advised the client that we’d be able to translate all the product sales copy into French within a few days. This pleased the client, who had hoped that the translations could be accomplished in such a timeframe. The client was also happy with Nadia’s price quotation for the translation, which she thought was of extremely good value indeed.

Nadia chose Julie to translate the client’s sales copy. Thanks to her native speaking ability and background in sales copywriting, Julie was able to accurately and efficiently localize the client’s sales text.
Julie returned the completed sales copy translation to the client before the mutually-agreed deadline, which pleased the client greatly. The client thanked both Nadia and Julie for their work, and we hope to hear from her again very soon.

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