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The translated presentations were formatted by our DTP expert and had identical design and layout to the ones of the source English presentation

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French and Portuguese translations of a PowerPoint presentation

May 07, 2015

We were recently contacted by a client who works for a company pioneering the outsourcing of customer care for large mobile operators. The client’s company aims to provide a solution to the problems facing retailers and mobile providers by handling each aspect of mobile care directly, including in-app support, call centre assistance, in-store advice and warehouse repair. The client’s business aims to provide customers with an integrated support experience and allows mobile providers to rest assured in the knowledge that their customers are being looked after.

In this instance, our client was due to present their business idea to a host of mobile providers who were interested in finding out more about the service. To this end, the client asked Tomedes to produce accurate translations of their PowerPoint slides in French and Portuguese. After all, giving a presentation in your audience’s own language makes a great first impression. However, the client did wonder whether we would be able to provide two different translations simultaneously.

Nadia (one of our project managers) assured the client that his request would indeed be possible, and that she’d consult our leading French and Portuguese translators to make it happen. It wasn’t long before two suitable translators with experience in the mobile sector were identified to work on the translations. Our French and Portuguese translators lived in Paris and Estoril respectively, and Nadia coordinated the two translations from Tomedes’ offices. During the course of the translation, one of our translators had a few questions regarding some technical terminology, and Nadia was able to relay the questions to the customer and then pass on the answer to the translator. This allowed the translator to continue working on the document, ensuring that the deadline didn’t have to be extended because of the need for the translator to converse with our client directly.

The translated presentations were formatted by our DTP expert and had identical design and layout to the ones of the source English presentation.

After a short while, the completed French and Portuguese translations were returned to the client. The client thanked Nadia and our expert translators for their work, and looked forward to making his presentation to the French and Portuguese mobile providers.


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