Urgent French Medical Translation for Pharmaceutical Testing

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Urgent French Medical Translation for Pharmaceutical Testing

March 07, 2024

From our experience, medical translations require quick delivery and precision regardless of the type of content. Each project carries its unique set of challenges, particularly when urgent translations are required without compromising accuracy.

In our latest project, we demonstrate our commitment and expertise in French medical translation by translating content for pharmaceutical testing that's on a tight deadline while ensuring top-notch quality. 

Our Client

This client is a medical company that produces various pharmaceutical products. They're planning to expand to different markets in Europe. This time they’re thinking of expanding into the United Kingdom. Since we have worked with them on previous projects, they know that Tomedes is reliable in providing precise and fast delivery for medical translations from French to English

The Project

The project not only contains sensitive information because it deals with data from pharmaceutical testing but it's on a tight deadline with only 3-4 days to complete the task. They requested that the French medical translation adhere to the industry's highest standards, having undergone meticulous quality assurance (QA) and the formatting complies with Britain's local laws and regulations.

The project encompassed various documents, including research findings, test results, and regulatory submissions. We guaranteed the rigorous implementation of these guidelines throughout the translation process.

Navigating Urgency and Accuracy in Pharmaceutical Testing

Statista reported that the global pharmaceutical industry is estimated to be worth 1.48 trillion USD. This specialized medical sector is involved in the research and study, development, and distribution of medicine.

In the pharmaceutical industry, the stakes of medical translations are exceptionally high. These translations are not just about converting text from one language to another. They are about accurately conveying critical information that can have a profound impact on people's health and lives.

Errors or mistranslations in pharmaceutical documents can have far-reaching consequences. They can hinder the development of a pharmaceutical product, leading to delays in bringing essential medications to market. More alarmingly, mistranslated instructions can lead to incorrect usage or dosages directly endangering patient safety and well-being.

Also, the pharmaceutical industry operates at a breakneck pace, driven by the urgent need for new medical solutions and the competitive nature of the market. Delays in translations can result in significant setbacks, affecting clinical trials, regulatory approvals, and the availability of medications to patients who need them.

It cannot be overstated how crucial it is to choose a translation partner with the expertise, resources, and understanding of the pharmaceutical landscape. 

The Challenges

Since we discussed the importance of medical translations, we will now look deeper into the challenges we encountered for this project. Out of all the issues we faced while handling this French medical translation project, below are the three major ones that stood out.

Adhering to the Strict Turnaround Time: The pressing need to meet the strict turnaround time (TAT) was a critical aspect of this project. In the fast-paced environment of pharmaceutical development, every second counts, and any delay can have a ripple effect, potentially impacting clinical trials, regulatory approvals, and market access timelines. However, the urgency to meet deadlines could not come at the expense of translation quality.

Throughout the process, we were able to keep up with our TAT by combining advanced translation technology with the expertise of French medical translators; this allowed us to provide fast-delivery of the project while ensuring the accuracy of the translated pharmaceutical documents.

Ensuring the Accuracy of Complex Medical Terminology: The project involved translating documents from French to English and it was laden with complex medical terminology and jargon. Any misinterpretation or mistranslation of these terms could lead to significant misunderstandings, potentially affecting the research outcomes or the application of the pharmaceutical product.

This is where our language professionals play a vital role in the project. Our French medical translators were selected based on their previous experience in handling projects similar to ours. We made sure that our language professionals not only had the credentials and educational background for this highly specialized task but also had an in-depth understanding of the pharmaceutical sector and the subject matter at hand.

Upholding the Highest Quality Assurance and Formatting Standards: Maintaining rigorous Quality Assurance (QA) and formatting standards was imperative, given the critical nature of the documents. The project demanded a stringent QA process to catch and correct any errors or inconsistencies, ensuring that the translations met the high-quality standards required in the pharmaceutical industry.

We incorporated multiple layers of checks and reviews, even as the clock was ticking. Additionally, we made sure to adhere to specific formatting standards that require meticulous attention to detail to ensure that the translated documents are accurate and comply with the British laws and regulations, regarding pharmaceutical testing. 

Why Tomedes?

Tomedes is trusted by thousands of medical companies and healthcare providers worldwide for various reasons. Below are just some of these reasons that make us the go-to provider of medical translation from French to English and other languages.

Proven Track Record in Delivering Urgent Medical Translations: We have demonstrated a consistent ability to handle urgent medical translation projects with efficiency and precision. Our proven track record is a testament to our expertise in managing tight deadlines without compromising the quality of the translation.

This is particularly crucial in the pharmaceutical industry, where timelines are often non-negotiable and directly impact research and regulatory processes. The successful completion of French medical translation for a pharmaceutical testing project, within the stringent turnaround time, further solidifies our reputation as a reliable translation service provider in high-pressure scenarios.

Specialized Expertise in the Pharmaceutical Sector: Our specialized expertise in the pharmaceutical sector is a critical factor that sets us apart. Our deep understanding of the industry's unique requirements and standards ensures that all translations are not only accurate but also compliant with relevant regulations and terminologies.

This expertise is especially valuable in translating complex documents like research findings, test results, and regulatory submissions, where precision is non-negotiable. Our ability to navigate the specific challenges of pharmaceutical testing translations underscores our role as a key player in the field.

Robust QA Processes and Advanced Technology for Accuracy: To maintain the highest standards of accuracy, especially under tight deadlines, we employ robust quality assurance (QA) processes and leverage advanced technology. These processes include meticulous reviews and checks to ensure that each translation is error-free and adheres to the specified formatting requirements.

The use of advanced technology, such as optical character recognition (OCR) and specialized translation tools, enhances the efficiency and precision of our work. This commitment to quality, underpinned by sophisticated processes and technology, guarantees that every translated document meets the high standards of the pharmaceutical industry.

The Result

Our client was pleased that we were able to complete the French medical translation project in 3 days within the stipulated turnaround time. After reviewing the content, the pharmaceutical company immediately proceeded with the next phase of its operations without delay.

Last we heard from them, they were proud to inform us that they're now in the process of submitting regulatory documents and will be conducting operations in the United Kingdom months from now. With the translated documents from our project, they're able to ship and distribute their products abroad. 


Medical translations from English to French and other languages are essential to guarantee that pharmaceutical companies and healthcare providers are complying with international and local laws. Not only that, but accurate medical translations are vital to ensure the well-being of patients worldwide.

If you're looking to expand your medical and healthcare business into another market, you can contact us, and our customer success team will be able to help you.

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