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Global Legal Partnerships with Professional French Interpretation

May 13, 2024

Our Client

Company Name: A.L.A Organization (Pseudonym)

What does the company do?

Our client is a prominent NGO that serves as a critical hub for legal experts, policymakers, and activist groups. This organization is instrumental in establishing academic and ethical benchmarks for the legal profession and tirelessly advocates for justice and equity under the law.

Timeframe of the Interpretation session: 1 hour

What do they need?

They are holding a virtual legal consortium meeting via Zoom that requires high-caliber simultaneous interpretations to ensure clear and efficient communication across French and English-speaking participants. The consortium aimed to facilitate seamless dialogue without linguistic barriers, addressing complex legal matters with participants who were non-native speakers of the host's language.  

The Challenges

Despite the simultaneous interpretations via Zoom only occurring within an hour, it still encountered a couple of challenges: first, the legal discussions in the meeting involved nuanced language and specific terminology, which can be challenging to translate on the fly. Our interpreters needed to be adept in both the language and the legal lexicon to ensure accuracy and maintain the integrity of the discussions. Second, simultaneous interpretation is a demanding task that requires interpreters to translate what is being said in real-time, without lagging behind the speaker, to increase engagement and ensure the flow of conversation without awkward pauses. Lastly, the virtual nature of the meeting necessitated flawless integration of interpretation solutions with digital platforms like Zoom. This integration had to support the seamless delivery of interpretation services without disrupting the meeting's progress.

To tackle the challenges presented by the virtual event, we implemented two pivotal solutions: firstly, we carefully selected a highly experienced French legal interpreter who possessed a deep understanding of the legal nuances in both the French and US markets. Secondly, in addition to integrating specialized interpreting software into Zoom, we rigorously adhered to our quality control protocols both before and during the session to ensure the highest standards of accuracy and reliability.

Why Tomedes?

Thousands of businesses and organizations worldwide rely on Tomedes for French translation and interpretation solutions, drawn by our nearly two decades of expertise, particularly in legal, medical, and technical fields. Our long-standing experience ensures precise and reliable interpretations tailored to the specific needs of each sector.

Our international team of interpreters is highly skilled in both the source and target languages and possesses specialized knowledge in legal terminology, ensuring that all legal interpretations are accurate and contextually appropriate. For all our interpretation projects, we employ the latest interpretation technology that integrates effortlessly with virtual meeting platforms like Zoom. This ensures a smooth and uninterrupted experience for all participants, regardless of their location.

The Solution

First, before the meeting, our team engaged in thorough briefings with the interpreters to meticulously review the meeting’s agenda. We discussed anticipated legal topics and delved into specific terminology expected to be used. This in-depth preparation was crucial, as it equipped our interpreters with the necessary tools and knowledge to expertly handle the subject matter, ensuring they could translate with both precision and contextual accuracy.

Second, during the actual meeting, our technical team vigilantly monitored the interpretation process to instantly resolve any issues—whether they involved linguistic misunderstandings or technical malfunctions. This proactive monitoring was essential in preventing any disruptions that could impede the flow of communication, thereby maintaining the integrity and quality of the interaction throughout the session.

Lastly, after the meeting concluded, we conducted a comprehensive feedback session with our client. This discussion was aimed at evaluating the effectiveness of the interpretation solution and collecting valuable insights that would inform and refine our approach for future projects. 

The Result

Our client was highly satisfied with the results of their 1-hour virtual meeting, which was significantly enhanced by our French interpretation solutions. Our expert interpretation facilitated a dynamic and engaged discussion on various topics, ultimately leading to a highly productive session. This engagement fostered future collaborations, helped forge agreements, and assisted in finalizing detailed plans and action points among the participating organizations.

Based on our last conversation, our client is looking forward to doing more collaborative work with us for similar future events. They said the success of this virtual meeting underscored the value of expert interpretation in facilitating international legal discussions and collaborations.


Effective communication forms the backbone of successful international collaborations, especially in the legal field where stakes are high and misunderstandings can lead to significant consequences. By leveraging professional interpretations, NGOs like our client can surmount language barriers, ensuring comprehensive understanding and participation in critical discussions.

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