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This customer had gotten to know one of Tomedes�' project managers, Nadia, through previous work, and contacted her directly through email.

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French Healthcare Document Translation Under a Short Deadline

February 04, 2015

A short while ago, a regular customer contacted Tomedes once more. The customer had gotten to know one of Tomedes’ project managers, Nadia, through previous work, and the client was able to contact her directly through email. The client told Nadia that she had another document ready to be translated, but it was very important that the translation could be completed within a very tight timeframe.

Thanks to the fact that the translator most suitable for this document was both available and familiar with this client’s type of material, Nadia was able to guarantee a very quick turnaround for this job. 

The client was very pleased with this, and as she knew that Tomedes’ pricing is of exceptionally good value, she decided to approve the project instantly. 

As the translator was working on the document, the client apologetically informed Nadia that some words in the document had to be replaced with different ones. Nadia reassured the client that this wasn’t a problem, as the word count would remain the same, and the translator hadn’t reached that part of the document yet anyway. Nadia was able to update the translator with the new words, and the translation was completed smoothly and within the short timeframe. 

The client was very happy with this, and she appreciated both the translator’s and Nadia’s flexibility in dealing with the changes she wished to make after the translation began. The client was also pleased that this didn’t impact the translation’s deadline either. 

Wherever possible, Tomedes aims to accommodate client wishes, and always seeks to provide the highest level of service to our valued customers. Thanks to this commitment, regular clients continue to use Tomedes’ translation services on an ongoing basis.  

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