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Web content translation services were provided for a client's company website, which opened them up fully to both French and Spanish speaking markets through English to French and English to Spanish translation.

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Website Translation from English to French and Spanish

April 27, 2011

Website Translation Makes You Richer! (seriously, it kinda does)

Website translation is a fantastic addition for any ecommerce business, online service, or any other website that relies on high traffic numbers. Why? Because website translation is proven to dramatically increase traffic. With website content additionally offered in French or ish translation, online businesses and services are able to add a huge market as their potential customers. Statistics have shown us time and again that for a group of equally ranking online ecommerce sites, sales are much higher for those that provide web content translation to ish, French, Chinese, or any other major language(s). It's common sense that, statistically, people are 4-5 times more likely to purchase a product or service from a website in their native language.

For inquires about web content translation services from our professional translation company, simply email us at . Be sure to let us know the source and target languages, and provide your original documents and any details or time requirements. You can also obtain an immediate free quote for any language translation service, by using the menu on the left to upload your files/word count and choose your languages. You'll receive a detailed estimate in seconds.

Major Advantages of French and spanish Website Translation Services

We recently provided both French translation and English to spanish translation for a company client that manufactures solar PV modules, which allows a source of sustainable solar electricity. As you can see, it would be extremely important for our client (sorry, no names. Its part of our fine print stuff) to reach a global market, with a business that concerns a global audience and demand: sustainable energy. This is why they came to us for website translation services, which included both web site localization, and web content translation from English to French and spanish.

This opens up a huge market and consequential site traffic and increased revenues within European, South American, and some Canadian and African audiences – that's an enormous percentage of global population. Because of the English to Spanish and English to French translation we provided for their website, the client's company can now establish a report with millions of potential customers in their native language.

Just because your website is technically a part of the “world wide web,” it doesn't mean that the world has access to it, or even cares about access to websites offered in English only. Even if you have a small online business or service, professional translation services for your website can dramatically increases both site traffic, and consequentially, your top line profits, making it a very inexpensive investment with a big return. All it takes is the click of a “send” button for your web content to make its way to our translation company, and before you know it, your website will truly be on the global market.

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