Spicing Up Success: How Tomedes’ Expert Spanish Translations Cooked Up a New Clientele for a Restaurant Chain

Learn how Tomedes’ precise Spanish translations for a range of documents opened doors for a beloved restaurant chain and engaged a whole new community of food lovers.

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Food Industry Translations from English to Spanish

July 25, 2023

Feeding a Restaurant Chain’s Expansion

Fast and casual dining has set the foodservice industry ablaze, fueling its growth like a culinary wildfire. This gustatory revolution forecasts a remarkable surge of 11.56% between 2022 and 2027, urging restaurant chains worldwide to seize the moment and set up shop in diverse territories. One visionary fast-food chain, born from South Africa’s vibrant gastronomic realm, embarked on a flavorsome journey to the United States. After a successful debut, it realized it needed to build significant connections with the Spanish-speaking community. To ensure the translation of its mouthwatering business plans, the chain partnered with Tomedes, ensuring that nothing was lost in translation as its tantalizing empire expanded.

A Taste for All

The client, a multinational fast-food chain with South African roots, boasts a legacy of over three decades, renowned for its succulent marinated chicken and fiery, zesty sauces. This culinary empire has blossomed, with over 1,200 locations sprinkled across 30 diverse countries, serving up its lip-smacking flavors to a global audience.

While establishing a strong presence across the United States, the client spotted an untapped realm in its marketing strategy—an opportunity to engage the vibrant and influential Spanish-speaking community. Eager to bridge this communication gap, the chain turned to Tomedes for guidance. The mission was colossal and ongoing, with a demand for translations of vital documents such as menus, house rules, scorecards for roles like hosts, cashiers, runners, and cleaners, the summer menu, and scripts. And because time was of the essence, a turnaround of 48 hours for the steady inflow of documentation to be translated was for the restaurant group a must. Finally, to guarantee the utmost excellence, the translations also needed to meet the exacting standards of ISO 17100:2015 and ISO 9001:2015 certifications.

Fast Food, Fast Delivery, Fast Decision

Seeking a trusted food industry translation partner, the fast food chain turned to Tomedes, enticed by our stellar reputation and streamlined workflow. Renowned for our nimble translation turnarounds, Tomedes has built a name on meeting stringent deadlines without compromising quality. Our seamless workflow, backed by our ISO certifications, also assured the client that it could depend on smooth communication and an expert handling of all its English to Spanish translation needs. So, what first seemed like a daunting task suddenly became an easy choice. The renowned restaurant chain knew Tomedes had all the ingredients to meet expectations and deliver quality ongoing translations for its valuable documentation.

Bringing the Right Ingredients Together

At Tomedes, we approach English to Latin American Spanish translations with a discerning eye. Leveraging our extensive network of language professionals, we handpicked the translators ideally suited for this fast-food chain’s documentation. Drawing from our previous collaborations on urgent food-related projects, we selected translators with the finesse and expertise necessary for this task.

Understanding the target audience—the Spanish-speaking community within the United States—our translators possessed an intimate knowledge of their cultural nuances and preferences. This culinary fluency allowed them to infuse the translated content with regionally appropriate phrases, references, and idiomatic expressions that titillated the senses of the Spanish-speaking audience, capturing their hearts and appetites.

Every translation was meticulously crafted and promptly delivered within the client’s stringent 48-hour timeline. The restaurant group wasted no time in rolling out the new Spanish-language documents as soon as they arrived. This rapid turnaround enabled it to swiftly and effectively reach its freshly targeted audience, sating their appetites with enticing menus, embracing them with inclusive house rules, and providing job-specific instructions through scorecards for roles like hosts, cashiers, runners, and cleaners. The summer menu and scripts were all seamlessly translated, ready to captivate and engage the Spanish-speaking community.

Throughout the project, a dedicated project manager acted as the conduit between the client and our translation team. This expert manager ensured smooth communication, deftly handling queries, providing clarifications, and swiftly implementing any necessary adjustments. With this meticulous coordination, the translation process flowed effortlessly, resulting in Spanish translations that were not only accurate and culturally informed but also perfectly aligned with the client’s specific objectives.

The Recipe for Success

The fast-food chain expressed immense satisfaction with the translated materials delivered by Tomedes. The carefully crafted translations not only resonated with the Spanish-speaking community but also helped the company successfully engage with their target audience. The positive outcome of this collaboration has solidified the client’s trust in Tomedes, and it plans to continue partnering with us for their future English to Spanish translation projects. As a language service provider, Tomedes takes pride in assisting leaders in the restaurant industry to expand their reach by delivering accurate and flavorful translations.


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